This winter has been brutal. We wore the same stupid coats that stretched down to our knees and up to our noses. We all looked the same and we all endured because long winters make summers that much sweeter. And this summer, more than any other summer, we are ready for a change. These are the top 5 ways to reinvent yourself this summer. Take notice:

  1. Hang out somewhere different. First thing’s first. If you want to reinvent yourself this summer you’ll need to change-up your local haunts. Why not frequent a Humboldt Park lounge and fall deeply in love with a Patsy Cline cover band? If you take public transit to work, try out a different route. What was dull and pedestrian on the Brown Line may turn heads on the Green Line. If you don’t shake up your routine, you’ll never know.
  1. Learn a new language. Learning a new language opens up a world of possibility. Even with just a few phrases under your belt, you’re ten times more likely to be called, “exotic.” Aside from Rosetta Stone and other language learning software, classes are a great way to learn in a group. If you’re in Chicago, check out Multilingual Chicago.
  1. Get a makeover. It worked for Rachel Leigh Cooke in “She’s All That” (and every other teen movie ever) and it can work for you! You can make drastic changes like pixie cutting your hair or getting a tattoo, or you can go for a more subtle but effective change. Dabble offers several great classes on personal styling, revamping your wardrobe, and makeup application.
  1. Collect old Photos. If you’re looking for cool inspiration, look no further than a black and white 3×5 sold at your local thrift store. Find an anonymous handsome gent or fierce gal to imitate and run with it. If you’re lucky enough to find badass photos of your relatives, even better! Even though you’re reinventing yourself, you can never forget where you came from.
  1. Channel your inner Jay Gatsby/Don Draper. Both fictional characters have their demons, but their charisma is undeniable. Adapt the good parts to your life by learning a thing or two about cocktails, throwing a soiree (re: rager), and telling a good story.

We’d love to know how you plan on surprising yourself this summer! What’s one part of your routine you’re looking to change? Let us know in the comments below!