Image: Design*Sponge

In a city like San Francisco, with a seemingly infinite amount of things to do (and eat), places to see (and be seen) and trends to keep up with (or ignore), decision paralysis often sets in.

As a newbie here in town I am thoroughly enjoying exploring my way around town to find my local bearings, though I can certainly relate to the overwhelming amount of choices! Whether you’re into flea markets, high-end art, wining and dining or technology – there’s seems to be something here for everyone.

In getting to know this awesome new city, I’ve discovered some great guides in bloggers to uncover the inside scoop. Here are a few of my favorite blogs that make me extra excited for my new home (in no particular order). Drum-roll please…


1. Oh Happy Day – A party and lifestyle blog written by Jordan Ferney, who loves to throw parties and make pretty things. She also loves San Francisco and shares helpful tips on living and partying here, including apartment hunting advice, favorite places to take visitors and throwing dinner parties under the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. love.lust.butterflies – A “love project” by Pat Bailey, this blog chronicles 365 days of viewing the world through Bailey’s heart-shaped glasses. From local markets to beaches to art galleries, love.lust.butterflies is peppered with hidden local gems. As well as inspired networking events  for the ladies – “SKIRTS: a midweek mingle” and “CHARM SKOOL: lady swagger from a to z” – and for Bay area bloggers with “BABBLE: it’s what we do.”

3. Spotted in SF – If you are inspired by gorgeous photography then this is your blog! Capturing favorite neighborhood spots in San Francisco (and other travel locales) is Leslie’s forte. And so is combing the streets of San Fran and hanging out at the best bakeries, coffee shops and diners throughout the city. Warning: do not read when hungry.

4. San Francisco Citizen – For a blog that succeeds at making random entertaining, SF Citizen covers an array of local events, openings, news and happenings – like all white porpoise  spottings. Also sprinkled in are a fair amount of candid shots of unsuspecting locals. What’s not to love?

5. Design*Sponge San Francisco City Guide – I’m cheating here a bit, as this lovely design blog is not based here but their SF city guide (one of many places) has been a great starting point for exploring my new city. (Is it shameful to admit that I’m prioritizing places based on beautiful photos?) Shout out to Rebekah from A & B Creative for sharing her local wisdom with us!


If you have a favorite go-to blog that isn’t on my list, be sure to share it in the comments below. Happy exploring!