If you ever want to get the attention of a room full of people, try mentioning “red velvet pancakes.”

The trick seemed to work for Leah Wilcox, pancake magician and founder of the Babycakes gourmet pancake food truck and catering service. Leah, along with her business partner and main-squeeze Kyle Masterson, warmly welcomed myself and 9 other hungry Dabblers into her home, for an evening of pancake flipping and eating.

As a pancake lover (and – let’s be honest here – who isn’t?) any excuse to eat pancakes is welcomed by me. I’ve been making pancakes since I was young, when my family had a Sunday morning pancake tradition. My batter tends to turn out alright – good, but nothing noteworthy – and my flipping skills are laughable (in fact, when I made pancakes for my roommate the weekend before class, I had to let him take control of the spatula because my flips weren’t actually flipping). My goals for The Art of Pancakes were to leave knowing how to create a “I need to call mom and tell her about my amazing pancake batter” and flip them properly. Lofty goals for me, but I knew if anyone could teach me, it would be Leah.

Leah explained that, as Americans, we are accustomed to eating pancakes only as a sweet breakfast or dessert dish. She quickly opened our minds to savory pancakes when she served up appetizer pancakes made with cheese, red pepper and (for the meat eaters in the group) chorizo. While we snacked and had a drink, she went over some secret  ingredients that she considers staples for making the perfect batter. All was good and well, but it wasn’t until she pulled out three large griddles did things really begin to heat up.

With a few varieties of delicious batter whipped up by Leah herself (including red velvet, pumpkin, and peanut butter + banana), our class took turns making short stacks. Leah encouraged us to add toppings to our ‘cakes – everything from oats to peanut butter cups made their way onto the griddles. I added dollops of cream cheese to my peanut butter + banana batter, a potentially life changing combination (if not for my taste buds, at least for my arteries).

While my classmates were cooking on the griddles, Leah made her way around to talk to everyone in attendance. She told stories about how she got her start (she realized that pancake batter would hold well for making it through a day in a food truck), food truck laws in Chicago (a huge pain for food truck businesses), and some of her favorite specialty pancakes recipes (alcoholic pancakes were mentioned. I repeat, ALCOHOLIC PANCAKES).

At the end of the class, everyone took home boxes of the pancakes, which made for a very delicious breakfast the next morning.

See Leah’s upcoming classes here. They tend to sell out quickly, so I highly recommend signing up when you see an opening.

Post by Brittney Lane, Dabble Pop-Up Team Member and Dabble fanatic. Find her on Twitter or run into her at an upcoming Dabble class.

Photo by  Babycakes Gourmet