We think the women behind Mindful U are prime candidates for dishing out some thoughtful wisdom at the start of this new year. Their classes (like Manifest Your Vision for 2014Energy Detox, and Urban Adventures in Meditation) – not to be confused with corny self-help – leave people feeling empowered to take on what may be holding them back.

Like we said, some perfect reflection for the new year…


By Katy Flatau and Andrea Flunder

Setting goals is wonderful. Achieving them is even better. However, it’s easy to get into a cycle of set-achieve-set-achieve-set, which makes you feel like you’re never actually accomplishing anything. You’re always striving, but never enjoying the fruits of your labor.

I know it’s a natural instinct to hit a goal and then look past it, into the future at your next target (I’m an expert on this particular topic). Unfortunately, this can lead to nagging feelings of dissatisfaction and turns into all kinds of icky thoughts like “I’m working so hard all the time, but I feel like I’m still not doing enough” and “Yes, I just made 100% of my goal for this month, but, forget that, now I have to start on next month.”

This type of thinking can send you down a wicked spiral into a very confusing mindset because you’re still achieving, so you should be happy (right??). What’s missing? CELEBRATION!

We all know how to celebrate, right? Surprisingly, celebration is something most of us pass by on our road to achievement. So your challenge is, the next time you set a goal, also set a celebration to go with it. Take a day, an evening, an hour, a week to celebrate reaching that destination. Stay there for long enough to let it sink in that YOU DID IT! You worked your butt off and made it happen, just like you said you would. Raise a glass, take a bubble bath, book a spa appointment or buy an airline ticket!

Whatever makes you feel great and take that time to consciously and mindfully celebrate yourself. The only restriction is that your celebration should not negatively impact your original accomplishment. For example, if your goal was to pay off your credit card debt, you should not celebrate by charging $500 on your American Express.

New Year’s is a great time to take a look back at the things you have achieved. This can be done by updating your resume, writing a list of accomplishments, or organizing your travel photos in an album. Truly acknowledge your evolution and give yourself credit for all your amazing talents and gifts. It’s great for both your everyday attitude and your overall self-esteem.

Now that you’ve celebrated your 2013 accomplishments, learn how to fill 2014 with positive energy and effective intentions (instead of a list of goals that get dumped by February). We’re providing our online Intentional New Year Workshop for free, exclusively for our friends who Dabble. Follow the link to register and download your E-Course, Meditation and Workbook! Be mindful that it’s only available for download until January 15, 2014.

Happy New Year from Dabble and Mindful-U! We hope it is filled with new experiences, adventures and ideas!