Tina’s classes have been an anchor for Dabble for the past 18 months. A jane-of-all-trades, she teaches classes in support of her business, Leap Living, such as Date Night, Now What? and Crowdfunding: Management, Social Media, and Guts. But given her passion for the environment and expertly artful eye, Tina also teaches Terrariums, specifically made from salvaged items. The result? We recommend you take a class for yourself to see.

Below, she shares her approach to the new year. The title… well, it says it all.


By Tina Weidenhammer

“Life is a balance of holding on, and letting go” ~Rumi


Even before I became a Life Coach, I never really believed in New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because they were empty – if you wanted those resolutions to happen in reality, wouldn’t you have already done them, or made steps in that direction the previous year?

No, I believe when living a life in pursuit of improvement and development, there is no need for New Year’s Resolutions because every daily action is the catalystic manifestation of a conscious, ever present resolution to seek a greater, better life today, not next year.

So how do I recognize the transition between this closing year and the coming year?

By letting go of that which is no longer worth holding on, and holding on to new that which will continue to excel me forward in my life.

A winter solstice inspired activity involves the burning of the old and the burning of the new, and scattering the respective ashes into the wind, handing both over to the universe.

So I make a list of all things I wish to let go of from this past year.

Then I make a list of what I wish to bring into my life and hold on to for the new year.

I then take these lists, and I burn them – first the one Letting Go from this past year, and I send the ashes into the wind or water (personally I like doing this by the lake in Chicago, or the ocean in California). Then the second list Holding On for the new year, and I send the ashes also into the wind or water. In both cases I am telling the Universe, and Powers that Be, that I am open, that I am letting go, and I am receiving.

And in this way, I shrug off the weight from the past year I have carried upon my shoulders, and I walk forward straighter and clearer into the new year.

So No Resolutions Required – just let go, be open, and hold on – as you continue to live a life of constant development and improvement in a conscious mindset.