By Jaclyn of Eriewood Collective

DIY culture is all about collaboration: we borrow project ideas from each other, we share tools and work spaces, and everyone learns from each other while coming up with new and innovative ways to create. When a couple friends and I started to think about teaching Dabble classes, we naturally wanted to co-plan and co-teach our classes. We all have different approaches to and experiences with teaching and design so we figured working as a group would allow us to be better instructors than we would be as individuals.

Thus was born Eriewood Collective. We are a trio of friends with a variety of backgrounds and skills who recently started to teach DIY classes on Dabble. We focus on teaching classes that allow students to make handmade projects that add a personal touch to their home and parties they host.

For our first class, we led students through the process of creating a DIY marquee sign in the shape of an arrow. With vintage marquee signs selling for hundreds of dollars, we wanted to provide a simple way to make a marquee sign using low-cost materials — just foam core, chipboard, hot glue, paint, and a string of globe lights.

2014.06 Eriewood Collective collage 2

We provided all the supplies to make the arrow marquee sign, demoed the process, and then supported our students as they made their own custom signs. At the class all the students made arrow-shaped signs, but we also provided digital files for other templates so they can crank out more marquee signs in other shapes and words on their own.

Teaching that first class gave us such a high! We were thrilled to meet lots of cool people and watch them discover something new at our class — isn’t that what Dabble is all about?

All our hard work prototyping the project and prepping supplies really paid off. In the days following the class, the positive reviews from our students started to come in. We were so flattered! It seems that our collaborative approach really helped to make the class successful – students noted that they appreciated our ability to answer their questions and support them as they made their marquee signs. Plus we spoiled them with coffee, snacks, good music, and a couple cute Eriewood Collective giveaways.

2014.06 Eriewood Collective collage

We are looking forward to teaching many more Dabble classes for party-themed DIY projects. Our next class – BYOB Piñata Making – is coming up on Wednesday, June 25. We will teach a simple approach to making a custom piñata, a unique piece of decor that is sure to add some excitement to any party. If not this time, keep an eye out for more classes from Eriewood Collective on Dabble — we have tons of DIY projects we want to share with you!