Raise your hand if you’re already stressed about the holidays. I don’t think my hand is the only one waving up and down in maniacal circles as I contemplate the impending season of thanksgiving, gift-giving, and ulcer-getting. Enter Tracey Briggs, and her Holiday Aromatherapy Gift class. You will walk away with not only a unique, homemade gift; you’ll also be giving yourself a gift by taking a time out, relaxing, and – bottom-line – spending time with Tracey. It’s no wonder that her classes are so popular with her clients; they’re another opportunity to hang out with Tracey, and I’d use just about any excuse to get some more time with her 🙂 She’s the perfect mix of Zen, goofy, motherly, and knowledgeable to make you feel right at home in a room full of strangers.

We spent the two hours learning about five scents that you’ll smell all over this time of year – vanilla, cinnamon, pine, frankincense and myrrh. Tracey led us in a few meditations, smelling particular scents and concentrating on their properties. We also got the chance to discuss important concepts like willpower and self-confidence in a very open and inviting atmosphere; it felt kinda like the best seminar ever. After we learned about all the different facets of each scent, we made our own linen spray and diffuser. They smell so good that it’s hard to let go of them, but if you can bear to part, they make really useful gifts.

This class is the perfect time-out from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and a great way to connect with what the holidays are really about. Give yourself a gift this season, and check out Tracey’s next class on December 20th!

Quick Facts:

Come to this class with your…your mom, your sister, or your stressed-out coworker who needs to just. Calm. Down.

Use this class to…gain bragging rights about your olfactory holiday know-how – I mean, how many people can really say they know what frankincense and myrrh smell like? (And even if someone can, do they know to combine them to make a subtle yet warm linen spray that will invite guests and family alike to stay another night? Didn’t think so)

You’d be surprised…that smelling pine can help your resolve and strengthen your willpower. Keep a vial on you during all holiday parties, and sniff liberally whenever you pass the buffet table. Don’t let those pigs out of their blankets (by which I mean into your stomach).

Highlight of the class: When Tracey told us the real key to motivation is turning 40: “Forty will make you do anything!”

Appropriate hashtag: #SmellsLikeHolidaySpirit

What to do in the area: What is there not to do? Hit up Cheesie’s for some grilled-cheese-goodness (must-try: the deep-fried macaroni and cheese bites), grab a seasonal drink at Sheffields, or try some delicious, cold-brew coffee at Osmium! And for those of you who want to continue on an aural high, stop in at Bittersweet – their pastries will make your nose feel like it died and went to heaven. Plus, you’re only a five minute walk from the Red Line, which connects you to all of Chicago’s offerings, so basically, the city is your oyster after Tracey’s class.

This class isn’t for you if…you have a stuffy nose. The amazingness will be entirely lost on you.