Today’s Dabble Drop-In is brought to you by guest blogger, Rachel Wendte!Rachel_Wendte_Headshot

Rachel is an arts enthusiast who loves all things creative, media related, & cleverly debated. When she’s not dreaming of being crowned the Next Iron Chef, she’s getting people excited about a brand new theater company, Windy City Playhouse! You can find her on Instagram @rkwendte.

When she first moved to Chicago, she discovered Dabble through Twitter, checked us out and loved what she found. For Rachel, there is no downside to Dabble! “You go and try something new. You walk away with new friends, a new skill, and resources to learn more. The fact that Chicago has this great marketplace is such a blessing and worth exploring!”

And now, we turn it over to Rachel:
Fearless_Leader“I wanted to go to this class to see if my paper crafting skills had improved since third grade. The verdict? Slightly. Tissue paper flowers seem like they wouldn’t require much craft at all, but that’s not what I saw from our teacher, Subi. She made the class totally fun and walked us through each step, from folding to cutting and making the petals. Each step was delicate, deliberate, and resulted in a gorgeous product. Her flowers were miles ahead of what we used to make in school!

Me and my fellow classmates, Chris and Lily, took to the tissue paper flowers with gusto, each creating large bouquets to take home. While we dabbled wClassmatesith other materials like coffee filters, notebook paper, and laser-cut flower patterns from a book on paper crafting, the tissue paper flowers were all our favorites. Trying different folding techniques, color combinations, and petal shapes was a great way to spend a few hours, and it was very therapeutic. We all said we felt completely relaxed by the end!

We all agreed we’d like to take the class again and be more strict about using more than one material. We loved the look of the tissue paper flowers so much, but we all thought it would be interesting to make flowers out of book pages or magazines as well. Maybe a future class from Subi is on the way!

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Dabble Drop-In: Tips For Learn to Make Paper Flowers Class:

Come to this class with… your crafting spirit ready to roll. To create beautiful paper flowers, you have to let go of what you think they should look like and work with what your imagination gives you.

Use this class to… Relax. Honestly, creating these bouquets was like therapy. We were all talking, laughing, and creating together with a mood that reminded me of summer camp.

You’d be surprised that… there is a true art to tissue paper flowers. Everything from the colors you choose to how much you crease your folds affects how your finished flower will look. Be patient as you coax the art out of that paper!

Come prepared with… your phone. The end result on these flowIMG_4076ers is Insta-fame waiting to happen. Also, then you can exchange numbers with your new friends!

Appropriate hashtag… #paperflowers

What to do in the area… If you can, come early to check out the venue, The WasteShed. This killer space is a creative reuse space, where people donate old craft supplies like glue, paper, yarn, fabric, and more so that nonprofits and schools can get them at low cost. My classmates and I all shopped around before and after class to take home some affordable treasures! If you’re feeling peckish, you can’t go wrong with some tasty eats around the corner at Feed.