Teaching a Dabble class isn’t hard, per se. You know the topic, you have the energy and the passion to teach it, and you love seeing students light up as they learn about something they may have never known they liked.

But maybe something is holding you back from teaching or from selling out your classes.

Maybe you’re not quite sure how much your class is worth, especially after factoring in material costs and the time it takes for you to set up/advertise/and teach your class. Maybe you want to share your skills but don’t have a venue or don’t know how best to market and advertise for a class, and maybe it’s as simple as a lackluster class description that doesn’t encapsulate how absolutely amazing your craft/hobby is.

Whatever the problem, Dabble is here to help.

Whether you’re interested simply in sharing your passions with as many people as possible, or you’re hoping to turn your skills and talents into a full-blown business (or side business), we want to troubleshoot your issues, strengthen your business-savvy, and help you fill up and sell out classes.

As a Dabble teacher myself, I’ve had classes that sold out almost immediately and classes that I thought were awesome and yet…no takers. I’ve sometimes scratched my head wondering what went wrong and if there is a group of folks who are interested in my quirky, home-grown classes.

I began to look at my classes through a business lens and started writing down ideas about curating classes from start to finish, as well as looking at what Dabble can assist with and where our limitations are so that I know how best to assist teachers.

It’s true: Not every class or every kind of class will sell out on Dabble every time, but with a little TLC, attention to details, patience, business-savvy, and Dabble help, we can get you to a place you’d like to be, and provide students with unique, quality classes that they’ll want to take.

If you’re interested in having an in-person audit of your on-line and off-line classes (or potential classes), meet the CEO of Dabble and the Chicago team, ask questions, learn more about finances, post-class follow up, and troubleshoot individual problems you may be having, or if you simply want to learn more about using Dabble to launch your own side business or full-blown business, I highly recommend our upcoming class specifically designed for teachers. Find more information here.

This class will be hands-on and in-depth, so please come with your laptop and your questions/concerns.

We know what matters to you: Building the community you’re a part of by sharing your passions and making money while doing it. Let’s do this.