I’m a total foodie. I admit it. I like to eat food, look at pictures of food, talk about food, and plan out my next meal almost as soon as the current one is finished. When I saw Monique Costello’s ‘Super Soups and Sauces’ class, I knew I had to check it out. Upon arriving to the class, held in Monique’s beautiful home, I mingled with other Dabblers who were energetic and interesting (no surprise there). As we talked, I found out that two couples were on a date for this class. How fun! I love a good Dabble Date!

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During the class, Monique walked us through eight plant-based recipes, (all of which were her own) and she used the broth we made at the beginning of class for almost every recipe that followed. The class was a combination of chopping, socializing, learning, blending, tasting, eating, and drinking. My kind of class! I was so impressed with the ease in which Monique conducted the class and whipped up sauces and soups that were delicious. She made it look easy and I left the class feeling like I really could do this at home with some success. In fact, the day after the class I was invited to a friend’s house and I made three of the recipes from this class! I felt so accomplished creating sauces and soups that were healthy, plant-based, full of flavor, and good for my body.

Monique is a gracious host and knowledgable chef. As she shared a bit about her background during the class, I was more intrigued. Monique is a trained chef and even had her own bistro/coffee shop in Denver about 10 years ago, and was featured on The Food Network. In 2006, when she lost the lease to her space and the business, and reluctantly joined corporate America, her body started physically responding with symptoms and pain that were debilitating. After seeking out top doctors in various fields with no answers and little relief, she turned back to food, this time seeing food as medicine. Her research started with anti-inflammatory foods which began the process of removing toxins from her body and wouldn’t you know it, she started to feel better physically!

IMG_4418Today Monique has combined her passion for cooking with a Health Coaching certification and guides others to burn toxins, boost energy and mood, lose weight, and increase health and longevity without giving up flavor, rituals, and dinners out with friends. She has several awesome classes listed on Dabbleand you can learn more about Monique’s offerings at her website, Happy Eats Healthy.

At the end of the class, Monique had one more surprise for the class. We ventured up to her rooftop deck, where a 365 degree view of the Chicago skyline awaited us. Monique’s deck is fully outfitted with a outdoor kitchen, grill, garden, and entertaining space. As the weather warms up, she’ll be holding her Dabble classes on the rooftop and I’m definitely coming back. She’s a Dabble gem and her classes are not to be missed!

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Dabble Drop-In: Tips For Super Soups and Sauces! class:

Come to this class with… A date! Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or sister, this is a great class for a Dabble Date!

Use this class to… Learn how easy it is to build one recipe upon another to make a complete meal. Monique taught us how a dip for veggies can also be a sauce for zucchini noodles, and how a spicy coconut sauce served over roasted asparagus can be the base of a spicy coconut soup!

You’d be surprised that… Limes don’t have seeds! (This was a fun fact that several of the students found very informative.) You’d also be surprised that Monique made her own gluten free bread for this class!

Come prepared with… An empty stomach and a bottle of your favorite wine. You will definitely not leave one of Monique’s classes hungry. Her class was like dining at the chef’s table, tastings and dished just kept coming as we learned more and more about using quality ingredients and flavor combinations.

Appropriate hashtag… #SuperSoups #SuperSauces #Delicious #PlantBased

What to do in the area… If you get to the class early, take a stroll around Eckhart Park or grab a coffee at Big Shoulders Coffee.


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