Let’s face it. We all feel scared sometimes. Whether it’s that raise you’ve been wanting to ask for that you’ve spent the last 2 years working towards or that social event you’re dreading going to by yourself, fear is a natural part of life. But just because it is, doesn’t mean it has to stop you. Below are five tried-and-true ways to step out of your comfort zone and into the exhilarating life you’ve been dreaming of.

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1. Breathe

This might seem simple, but so often we get pulled in by overwhelm that we end up forgetting this one helpful tool. I personally love the 15-Second Breath. Breathe in 7 seconds, hold for one second at the top and exhale for 7 seconds. Yes. It. Can. Be. That. Easy.

2. Just Do It (Anyway)

This isn’t a major slogan in the athletic arena for nothing. So many times, we make the fear wrong and use it as a reason (ie – excuse!) to stop ourselves. But, fear can be a major opportunity for strength and empowerment. You know when you gave your first presentation, and started off, palms sweaty, knees weak, your whole body shaking like the Loch Ness Monster was in front of you? How did you feel after, when your boss came up to and told you that you killed it? (Figuratively, of course). It felt good, right? But, the one thing you failed to do was to internalize how good it felt. This is the one big key to beginning to enjoy and own the fear, which leads me


3. Work with a coach

Hey, we all need help sometimes. One of the biggest ways to shift fear is by working with someone.  Coaches can help you with all kinds of things, including shifting fear. Hey, you might even leave with a “Hell yes” to your fear.  How cool would that be?!


4. Bring a friend (or 5!)

What’s the old saying? Misery (I mean, joy) loves company. Nothing can help more with fear than having a friend nearby. The first (and only!) time I jumped out of an airplane I had several friends with and you know what? It helped. Now maybe it was the peer pressure (Just kidding!), but there was something about having a common goal and doing it together that made it more fun. And my loud screams made it more fun for them.


5. Take a Dabble Class.  But, of course!

Now you know I couldn’t leave this one out? With everything from knife throwing to dancing, fencing to handmade soaps and homemade pasta, Dabble is a great way to try something new and really get out of your comfort zone. And isn’t that what living’s really all about?


Deborah Acker has spent the last several years and hundreds of hours working with some of the world’s top consciousness leaders to learn tons of methods to create the life of her dreams and live in true abundance. As a coach, she used these tools to help her clients step into the truth of what’s really possible. Deborah also teaches classes on Dabble.