Meet Dabble teacher Meaghan Impellizzeri. Born in Brooklyn. Raised in NJ. Now living in St. Louis for almost 5 years contributing to the vibrant and dynamic city change. She does art and art does her. She teaches kids. She teaches adults. And now she is making it easy for YOU to learn from her. From printmaking to murals to zentangle to makeup, she truly is a queen of many mediums.

Do you think everyone is an artist?

 Yes. I do think everyone is an artist. All people have artistic potential but they might not have ground their art/ their medium yet. Not everyone is great at drawing- maybe it’s weaving… but you need to try different art forms to find your medium.

Artistic ability is a developed skill. Every expert was one a beginner.

Have you always been drawn to art?

I always enjoyed art and being creative but I never identified myself as an artist – I just never thought I stood out . It wasn’t until college – that I accepted my imperfect art and kept going.

What is your advice for someone just starting out in art?

My advice is that you cannot judge yourself too harshly- understand it is not going to be perfect. Everything is a work in progress. Ira Glass said something for writing but it applies to art – that your taste develops faster than your talent— you are attracted to a media but as a result- the beginning of your practice- you will hate everything you make. You have the artistic sense to judge – you can tell its amateur- but that’s a sign that your taste is progressing- you won’t settle for crappy work.

photo copy

You will have an artistic period where you will hate everything — you make you just have to solider though it. Work through the period of self -loathing. you are capable of making good things don’t judge.

Know what you make will look amateur – accept it, you will progress.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I consume other artwork.

I like to try everything. I dabble but I am really attracted to contemporary artists who experiment with new things like digital.

You have art all over- where can people see your work out in the world?

Most of my art is in private collections… but I have lots of murals in St Louis. Take my class to learn my style and signature so you can find me out in the world!photo

You are trained in a variety of media (will elaborate on)- do you have a favorite?

I like trying new things- I think whenever you are stuck as an artist- try a new medium. A word of advice. Drawing is hard— but watercolor is unforgiving.

A piece of advice I took… Radiohead- whenever he thinks his music is getting stale… he picks up a new instrument and creates new album. I do the same thing with art.

If you had to compare your personality to any object in the world, what would it be?

Multi-faced crystal- I do a lot and I am shiny. I draw a lot of them. I also draw a lot of triangles— my mother seems to think that says something about my personality— what could it be?


 What’s the next material you want to dabble in?

Spray paint.

What is something you want to dabble in?

Photography – digital photography

 What do you do when you aren’t “arting”?

I am always arting… Does makeup count?

What’s in your make up bag?

I am in love with Benefits watt’s up highlighterBobby Brown BB CreamHikari Cabarnet Lipstick, and Nyx Super Skinny Eyemarker. I just recently dabbled into a new hair color… Pravana Violet. It’s wild!

Any last comments?

I have to also plug my Etsy shop!