Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 21st), and instead of surprising your Pops with (yet another) boring ol’ tie, think about spending the day with him learning something new. Here are eight Dabble-inspired ideas in Chicago (Denver and St. Louis links at the bottom!):

DIY Solar Energy

Wednesday, June 17: 7-9 pm


If your Dad is all about sustainability and wants to take his game to the next level. This DIY class will cover the basics of electricity as well as how to design, build, and install your own solar panel system. The class concludes with you and your Pops assembling part of an actual solar panel. You will walk away from this course with the basic knowledge needed to start generating your own solar energy at home…and for a lot less money than you thought! This class is amazing and spots fill quickly, so sign up here now!

Intro to Forging: Swords and Knives:

Thursday, June 18th: 7-9 pm


Get in touch with your inner-Magneto and learn how to bend metal to your will. You will not only learn shop safety and principles of design and fabrication, but will also get some hands-on experience practicing with the forge, hammer, and grinder, and will be eligible to sign up for a full blade forging class where you’ll forge your own knife or sword! Click here to start your forging adventure!

Home Coffee Roasting:

Thursday, June 18th: 7:15 to 8:45 pm


Does your Dad dig coffee but hates shelling out $6 every time he wants a great cup of joe? Nicholas Novotny of Chicago’s newest micro-roaster, Printer’s Row Coffee Company wants to show you how to roast your own beans at home and brew the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. You’ll roast a small batch of beans on-site, see how commercial roasting is done, and you’ll walk away knowing SIX different methods of brewing. Your Dad will be buzzing with delight – and not just from the caffeine! Grab a few spots today by clicking here!

Scotch Tasting 101

Friday, June 19th: 7 – 8:30 pm 


Scotch, the grandaddy of whisky, is a lot like wine: In order to fully appreciate what you’ve got in front of you, you need to understand the terminology, the perfect food pairings, and what flavors and profiles to look for. Dennis Mclennand at Maeve will walk you through the finer points of Scotch so you can make the right choices. Make sure to click here to get in on all the Scotch-y fun.

Knife Throwing 101:

Saturday, June 20th: 1-3 pm

knife throwing

Improve your coordination and blow off steam by learning how to throw knives with accuracy in Knife Throwing 101. A class like no other, this knife-throwing class is equal parts skill and art. You’ll be throwing like a ninja in no time with the help of Morgan Martinson, AND you’ll get to nosh on camp-fired potatoes because…why not? Spots fill up quickly, so click here to reserve a couple!

Basic Wilderness First Aid:

Saturday, June 20th: 1-4 pm


Love to go deep woods camping or rock climbing with Dad but neither of you are skilled in first aid? Ummmm, maybe it’s time to change that, you daredevils, you! In this unique class you and Dad will learn how to assess symptoms, determine proper treatments, and learn how not to freak out if you get a little too brave while adventuring in the great outdoors. Make sure to click here to secure your spot!

Woodworking 101:

Saturday, June 20th: 12-6 pm


This workshop is introduces you and your Dad to the wood-shop environment and basic woodworking skills. Aspiring Dad-Woodworkers will be familiarized with the shop environment, learn the safe and proper use of many common woodworking tools, and several woodworking techniques. Using the wood-working skills you both learned, you will complete a cutting board of your very own design and handy-work. Your Dad will love this…click here to reserve!

Learn to Make Authentic Maryland Crabcakes: Sunday, June 21st: 2:30 to 4 pm


If your Dad is a foodie and wants to get elbow deep in some crab, sign up to this class! You’ll learn how choose quality ingredients, mix together the perfect ratio of ingredients, and cook a crab cake to heavenly perfection – all from a Marylander. Along with making the crab cakes, you will also learn how to make tasty sauces to go along with them – and of course, you’ll be eating them in class, too! Spice up your Dad’s Day dinner by making it WITH Dad and blow over-priced restaurants out of the water! Sign up today here!

Live in Denver or St. Louis? We have Dad’s Day ideas for you, too. Click on the links below to see classes in your city: