Hostess with the Mostest

By Danielle Bluford (A New-ish Dabble Teacher)


Hi all! I’m Danielle and I’m Dabble’s  Community Manager for Chicago. I am lucky to have such a great team to work with each day, one that is supportive of new ideas and opportunities.

I have an age old recipe for the best Jewish egg bread, so why not share it with the world? Let’s do a Challah bread making class! I hosted this in my apartment a few weeks back and wanted to share a few helpful tips for new teachers.


1.) A Clean Space is a Happy Place: Hosting right in your home? Make sure your home is neat, you have a clean entryway and that your space is clean and inviting for guests to spend time in. Candles or flowers can be a nice touch to help your home smell hotel fresh. Cooking in your home can be tricky, as its tough to clean before you get down and dirty cooking, but trust us, a good wipe down of everything in your kitchen before you get started will definitely make everything easier for class day-of, and also keep your guests coming back for more!
2.) Stay Organized: A lot of steps in your process? Make sure to do a dry run so that you are ready to go when the day comes. You’ll be much more confident, as you can share tips and tricks that work best for you and anything that makes it easier to be a Rockstar at your craft. Handouts or visuals are great to give your students something to look at during the class, as well as take it home to use again later.
3.) Make sure the experience is interactive: People want fun, interesting, and hands-on learning! Make sure to use your expertise in a shared way, taking turns on the mixing, cutting, stirring, chopping, painting, etc– or whatever the task may be!
Follow these simple tasks and your class is sure to be a success, I promise!
– Danielle

Danielle is the Community Manager for Dabble in Chicago and a lifelong baker. She Dabbles in the art of both baking and eating, but will not pick favorites between the two! She was part of the University of Michigan’s founding group of “Challah for Hunger,” where she helped bake Challah bread for charity through fundraising. Her personal favorite type of Challah is a toss up between a Fall themed Pumpkin Pie version or the classic Raisin. Yum!!

Sign up to take her next class here on Thursday, September 17th.

Next Challah Class posted HERE! 


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