The Love / Hate Relationship With A Dabbler

by Jessica Idleman

A sample of a normal occurrence in the household of a Dabbler:  Wife: “Why is there a mannequin seat-belted in the passenger seat of the car?” to which the husband responds, “To keep me company, of course!”  He then clarifies that really he is going to make a light fixture out of the mannequin and design a class on making light fixtures.  Whew.  I thought he might be going a little crazy riding around with random body parts…instead he is just dabbling in a new project.

Being married to a Dabbler does keep life interesting, since I never know what project he will come home with or ideas he will come up with to Dabble in.  Beware of starting any project with a Dabbler because they will change their mind five times during the course of the project, they will ask for your opinions, only to discard those opinions because they change plans three more times, and then finish over budget and on a longer timeline than expected.  The amazing part of this is the finished project is always twice as good as you think or envision because the Dabbler is never satisfied until the project is perfect.

The creation of Dabble is the best and worst thing ever for my husband.  I think he would take every single class that is listed if he could, which would lead to more projects than he could ever finish, but he does have a wife and two kids under the age of 2 that he needs to also spend time with in order to keep his wife happy.  Happy wife, happy life! However, the ability to learn how to upholster our kitchen chairs and make amazing peach pie does come with bonuses for me.  I mean, how many husbands come home with treats for the wife after a night on the town?  I can think of fun ideas for the house, tell my husband and he takes over and gets the project done (see above about changing mind, over budget, etc.) and we are all happy at the end.

So at the end of the day, I get fantastic shelves above my coffee bar that look great with my fun light fixture, but  I also have to suffer with having an extra half-painted dresser in the dining room and and an extra kitchen table in my living room.  Why would there be a kitchen table in the living room? Well, of course so it can be re-finished and sold…someday. Sigh…


Jessica is married to Jeremy Idleman, Dabble’s Chief Operations Officer, and she Dabbles in tolerating her husband’s shenanigans on a daily basis.