Carry Positive Intentions with You

Guest Blogger: Jenn Daly

My favorite Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, is known for teaching us to have “no expectations.” I try (and fail) every day to practice this and the mala building class with Dabble was no exception. When I signed up, I was a little intimidated to be honest. A mala is a sacred thing for many people, and I worried that I wasn’t “yoga” enough, spiritual enough, or meditative enough to take part in such a special event.

For those who don’t know, a mala is a set of beads, often 108 beads in count, used in Buddhist and Hindu tradition. The number 108 bears significance in many Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The mala can be worn simply as a beautiful necklace or bracelet and/or used in meditative practices in which a mantra is repeated each time a bead goes through your fingers. It’s a Buddhist rosary, so to speak.

I have admired many a friend’s malas in the past year and each has a unique story, a special power, and a certain je ne sais quoi for the bearer. I held off for a long time on purchasing one because I never felt like I could find the “right” one, not to mention, they are expensive. When I saw this class advertised for about the same price as the cheaper malas on the market, I knew immediately that I would go.

The class surpassed my expectations (that I wasn’t supposed to have). The instructor, Jen Pastalo Dacpano, is incredibly gracious and welcoming. She clearly loves teaching this class and her positive energy makes students feel like old friends around a supper table rather than perfect strangers attending a class. Jenn offered an incredible array of stone choices, along with their meanings, thus giving students the opportunity to combine stones to create a deeply personal and meaningful garland. I chose the following:

Green Aventurine: Protector of the Heart Chakra, Balance, Creativity

Labradorite: Strength, Transformation, Clarity

Amazonite: Loving Communication, Serenity, Eliminates Aggravation

The mala-making process is fun, tedious and meditative all at the same time. After 3 hours of stringing beads and tying knots, my mala finally came together into something I will cherish for a long time.

Signup for Jen’s Mala Bead Dabble class today!


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Jenn Daly is an 8th grade teacher, outdoor enthusiast, beginner Buddhist and Dabble enthusiast. She has lived in Denver for 7 years.