Dabble took home the Startup of the Year award at Tech.co’s Competition and Mixer on August 20th. Our team is ecstatic and beyond elated to be awarded both the Reader’s Choice and Best Pitch awards (thanks to a perfect pitch by our CEO, Jay Swoboda). Dabble has qualified to join Tech.Co in Las Vegas for the semifinals at Celebrate 2015. We’ll share the stage with the very best in startups across the nation. Winning both categories in the first round is a major milestone in our journey. There’s no denying that our small, passionate team enjoys a little competition- and we’re ready to take Vegas by storm.

The Dabble family thanks you for your support as we continue to grow and connect you to great experiences all around the Chicago community and beyond!

Dabble lets you discover, teach, and host one-time affordable classes. It’s difficult to keep learning, trying, and doing. Since there is always an excuse that prevents you from investing in education, Dabble makes it easy to try something new through one-time affordable classes. Explore the city around you, meet cool people and expand your horizons – because doing something today is so much better than putting life on the back burner.

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