How To Make Your Space Look Like Urban Outfitters Without Going Broke

Written By Dabble Guest Blogger: Carlyn Hill, Writer at Hellogiggles


So you want your room to look like an Urban Outfitters display?

I know that feel.

Call me the world’s biggest millennial hipster but I am a sucker for every Instagram-worthy room setup that stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie piece together. If it’s Wes Anderson levels of symmetrical and looks like it came out of Abbi’s apartment in Broad City? I’m there (that blanket on her couch, by the way? Urban Outfitters. Trust me).

Even though most of the décor I like is soaring high above my price range.

But you know what they say – give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to make an awesome wall hanging or candle and he’ll be able to make as many as he wants while still being able to afford buying fish from the market

Because you can spend $30 on a soy candle that’s gone within a week, or you could spend $30 to learn how to make a bunch of candles.

Here’s some DIY ways to make your apartment look like it’s from a millennial showroom without becoming too broke to actually afford said cool apartment:


image (9)

I can tell you that after lining my windowsills with five succulents, two cacti, and one bamboo plant, ‘crazy plant lady’ is a thing.

So it was only natural that the first Dabble class I, well, dabbled in, was ‘Build Your Own Terrarium’.

The $40 price seemed a bit steep at first, especially since I decided to buy my “vessel” – or cool glass container – when I got to the class rather than bringing one. But all the materials were included in the class – everything from dirt to the plant to cool, rustic decorations.

image (2)

Terrariums can be an expensive hobby, especially when I calculated my favorite cool empty geometric and single globe terrariums to be around $45, even between $58 and $128 at some of my favorite stores.

But by dropping $40 once, I not only got an awesome terrarium that I put together, but I can know become the crazier plant lady by knowing how to make as many terrariums as I want. My roommate’s gonna love our greenhouse…I mean living room.

Check out Dabble’s $15 mini terrarium class complete with Bloody Marys, the $40 3Switch Dabble class that I took for larger terrariums, or check out the $30 window farming Dabble class.

image (3)

Photo courtesy of Brit + Co’s amazing tutorial, check it out here!


Crochet Wall Hanging


I don’t know what this is called. That’s probably not even crochet. All I know is that it’s super cool looking and if you buy it – or something similar – it’s crazy expensive. I’m talkin’ finding a few for $68 dollars from my favorite stores.

One of my favorite blogs, Foxtail and Moss, recently hosted a gathering at Freehand (?) Chicago where you could learn how to get creative with these wall hangings. And pinterest offers some easy ways to make several different kinds here at Vintage Design, here with some insanely easy skeleton key wall hangings, and click the link under the picture for Brit + Co’s amazing DIY tutorial.


image (4)

Photo courtesy of Chiara Cremaschi



Ignore the basic chick cliché that the dreamcatcher has unfortunately become and you actually get what it’s meant to be – a really cool looking piece of art with a cool story behind it.

And the secret behind these beauts that I’ve far too often seen go for $90+ in chain stores? They’re actually pretty easy to make. I’ve made them before with a bracelet and some ribbon and leather cord from Michaels.

But if you’re looking for a fun class time, Sinclarity Clothing is hosting a DIY dreamcatcher class through Freehand Chicago for $30. Which, I know, scary price at first for our poor post-grad budget, but remember – 30 bucks once buys you the knowledge of how to make your own dreamcatchers and cheat the system for the rest of your creative life.

And if you can’t make that, check out this super easy DIY dreamcatcher at Bohemian Diesel.

image (5)

Photo courtesy of Michelle Klonsinski


Soy Candles


I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve never dropped $30 on a candle because I thought it looked cool. I’d be lying to you hard.

But that’s a rare splurge. And when your candle runs out…then what? You have a gross bowl that, having burned wax in it, you will never want to actually eat out of.

Luckily, for 40 bucks, Dabble can teach you how to make your own candle in a mug or cool hey, in an empty cool-looking container that formerly held an expensive candle! And $35 will get you a BYOB soy candle making class with a huge selection of scents.


image (6)

Insect Pinning


The key to a super cool-looking rustic urban room is to have a few old-world scientist elements. Don’t quote me on that, but I know my stuff.

One way to do that is with those vintage-y botany and butterfly specimen wall hangings. The good ones I found running for about $40. But as a nerdy bug collector as a kid, I will say that insect pinning can actually look very cool and beautiful.

Check out Dabble’s insect pinning class for $30 here. Or, if you don’t want to touch bugs and prefer butterflies that are still fluttering, check out the coffee, cameras and chrysalides class for $15.

image (7)

Ceramic Plate Glazing

Some of my favorite decorations are cute, simple plates and dishes for jewelry or coins or just knick-knacks.

These don’t usually run you for too much money, but it’d be much cooler to make one to call your own at the end of the day. With Dabble’s Ceramic Plate Glazing class, for $40 you can paint your very own larger plate. Infinite possibilities abound!