Guest Blogger Eryn Ricker from Real Beauty For A Cause discusses her inspiration and where it has led her.


The thought of “inspiration” is a wild thing to comprehend. What inspires one person may go completely unnoticed by another. I’m always interested to find out from where people draw their inspiration. What makes them want to think, to create, to do, to make? I love to hear their stories; to learn from them. Ironically, those stories of inspiration inspire me. That is what ultimately led me to the non-profit, Connections to Success (CTS). Their mission is to INSPIRE. To inspire families. To help them realize their dreams. To help them break the cycle of poverty.

I was introduced to CTS by Instagram – how else do you find out about things these days? At the time, Real Beauty for a Cause donated a portion of profits to a different charity each month. I was looking for a new charity and a follower suggested CTS. The minute I met the organization I knew that it was a match made in Instagram heaven. Why? Let me back up for a second.

I became a mom during my second year of college and as it turns out, babies and college don’t easily fit together. It was a difficult and constant struggle, but I graduated. I felt proud. I felt accomplished. I felt inspired. But more importantly, I felt inspired to help others do the same. That day I made a promise, the same promise that Connections makes everyday- to help others realize their dreams. As I said, it was a perfect match.

Over the last year, CTS has made several of my dreams come true. They have helped me connect with women that are working to break free from life’s obstacles. They have made it possible for Real Beauty to employ those striving to gain economic independence. They have helped me create a small community where these women can inspire and be inspired. The Huffington Post published an article called “7 Organizations That Create Jobs and Change Lives” that features CTS and it’s definitely worth read.

But the dream is not over… I want to continue to help CTS and empower others to make wise choices about the products and ingredients they use. One way I’m doing this Spa Worthy Facialis by using Dabble. Our Dabble event, Creating Spa Worthy Facials, is an opportunity to do both. We invite you to come spend an evening with Real Beauty and CTS as we walk you through creating an indulgent, self-care ritual using ingredients from your kitchen. All proceeds from the event will go to CTS. Our true hope for you is to leave feeling renewed and inspired. Inspired by your new self-care ritual.  But more importantly, inspired by the difference that you are making in not just your life, but in the lives of others.

If any of you are thinking about donating the proceeds of your classes to a local non-profit, I encourage you to take a look at Connections to Success that serves the Greater St. Louis and Kansas City Metropolitan areas. If you’re looking for other non-profits to donate some of your class proceeds to, you can also contact Dabble to ask who they partner with, as they have many close non-profits that have similar missions as Connections to Success.

Thanks for reading! Now get inspired!