This week, I was lucky enough to be a part of the first class taught by local Chef Brad Newman, Entrepreneur of Cookies and Carnitas in Edgewater, co-owned by Mikey Taormina. Brad made it easy to make delicious pasta and learn about what makes quality taste so great.


Brad preaches that great, fresh food comes from quality ingredients. At Cookies and Carnitas, they make everything fresh. They roast their own garlic, they prepare their own meats; everything made in house from scratch.

While making pasta, we started with the dough using fresh local flour and eggs, carefully kneading it until its ready for more magic.

photo (12)

The amazing pasta machine both flattens the dough and later, magically cuts it into perfectly shaped noodles. It’s a multi- tasker!

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The pasta machine worked its magic while we hungrily waited to chow down….

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Brad showed us how to boil the noodles to perfect and make a great sauce. We made a cream sauce with amazing meats and cheeses, and also a fresh tomato basil and garlic sauce. Both were divine and filled the room with an incredible smell.

Our amazing finished product topped with fresh cheeses!

Our amazing finished product topped with fresh cheeses!

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What an attractive (and hungry!) group of Dabblers!

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Until next time.. stay tuned at and try their amazing food in Edgewater and at Green City Market!! Check the link back for more classes soon!