By: Danielle Bluford

A few lucky Dabblers and I were thrilled to be a part of the recent edition of Lucila Giagrande’s Hands-On baking class! This class was an absolute blast that I recommend for everyone!

Lucila is a baking champ who hails from Argentina, where her family enjoyed the recipe of Argentinian Alfajores for years. When she moved to Chicago, she started a business off her back and now sells to many local cafes, coffee shops and businesses around the city. She does the marketing, the deliveries, the social media– you name it! She and her husband make sure that both every delivery and that each and every Alfajore is baked to perfection.

You start the workshop by Lucila sharing her special recipe with you while you simultaneously get to sample her cookies, which (its no secret) are the very best in the world. Later you get to roll out the dough, use cookie cutters to place them on the cookie sheets, kiss them goodluck and wait!! In the meantime, we got to fill them with the creamiest, most delicious Dulce De Leche filling you ever did taste, and then roll them in coconut. Dear god, this is good.


Alfies Webpage

Can you believe we made these in class? They are so good, and Lucila even mentioned they were almost “professional” looking.


Lucila offers the classes in her Ravenswood headquarters and we whole- heartedly recommend this class to anyone!! You get to learn from Lucila herself, but also take home a whole box full of cookies to enjoy and share with friends (if you don’t eat em all on the way home first!)

Spots still open but filling fast for her next workshop on October 16. Sign up here!

Lucila’s Homemade Alfajores can be purchased at Star Lounge, Big Shoulders Coffee, The Goddess and the Grocer, many Whole Foods markets, Plum Market, and many other exceptional places as well. Don’t miss out on her next class!