Why I love Dabble

By Erin Wike, Dabble Austin Community Architect, erin.wike@dabble.co

While living in Chicago, I absolutely loved Dabble and was a serial class taker. I don’t really do any crafting of my own (I KNOW, to the detriment of my super crafty mother). I am a self-proclaimed workaholic. I absolutely LOVE learning. I also consider myself a champion of FUN in life…so for me, Dabble is a perfect blend of learning new things with low commitment and at a great, affordable price. I also took some business-related and fitness classes in Chicago like:

  • Photoshop 101 & 102
  • Intro to Boxing
  • Zumba and Mimosas on New Year’s Eve
  • Intro to UX Design
  • Photo on Wood Transfer
  • Build Your Own Website
  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Maybe some others? I lost track.

I taught/teach:

  • 7 Steps to SEO/SEO 101 for Small Business Owners
  • Tips & Tricks to Land Interviews (Creative & Marketing Fields)

 Why I love Dabble is simple.

What other platform can you meet amazing people/local teachers/artists and makers, take one class in a subject that interests you (hello, commitment-phobia and busy people of the world! ALL of us!), and have a little fun for the average price of $30? Please tell me…because when my husband and I relocated to Austin, TX in 2014, I thought for sure I’d find something similar here. No dice.

Why Austin?

There is a crazy wonderful amount of artists, makers, creatives, foodies, boutiques, entrepreneurs, pet lovers and good-doers here in Austin. I couldn’t find another platform that brings all of these people together to learn something new and have some fun in real life (off the computer). I’m lucky that Dabble believed enough in Austin and in me to help launch us here. (Thank you Jay, Jeremy & Devin.)

It’s going to be big here, y’all. Texas-sized big. It’s going to be the platform to help connect people IN REAL LIFE again. It’s going to be as awesome as breakfast tacos. Please join us – we’d love to have you be a part of it.

What really sets Dabble apart?

There are many companies in the events and experience space but Dabble is the ONLY class and experience marketplace allowing individuals to monetize their passions and skills. As we begin market cultivation with individuals and partner merchants in other new cities thanks to passionate partners in Austin, Dallas, Savannah, Orlando and Cincinnati the timing of our recent successful round of funding is perfectly aligned.

Teach a class. Take a class. Host a class.  Sign up for your (free) account today: www.dabble.co

Dabble on!


Your Dabble Super Fan Erin Wike

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