You Can Hobby Club with Other Hobby Clubbers!

By Hobby Club founder Tyler Riewer

In celebration of National Hobby Month we are pleased to announce a partnership between Dabble and Hobby Club. Hobby Club is a year-long adventure that intends to bring 12 new hobbies into your life, one month at a time. Each will be a surprise. Members receive emails with information, education and homework. Join our club today!

One of the biggest takeaways for me last year was that Hobby Club was missing a way to connect people in real life. We have so many members living in the same cities, trying to learn the same hobbies at the same time… it’s crazy there wouldn’t be a way to come learn together. Well now there is!

Officially starting in February, Hobby Club is partnering with the good folks at Dabble to create spaces where you can come learn and share together! The beauty here is that you can host a class if you feel comfortable teaching (or want to bring a group of newbies together), or you can join a class if you just want to learn. Some courses are free; some courses cost money. Everything is up to you!

Whether you’re making craft cocktails or bird-watching in the park, it’ll be a fantastic way to bring Hobby Club to life (in real life) so you can share stories, ideas, and suggestions with other learners. Sound good? Check out Dabble for more information. And feel free to post your own class at! If your city isn’t listed, all you have to do is email our friends at to request it.

Try your hand at our upcoming Craft Cocktails 101 class in NYC!

Can’t wait to Hobby with some of you in person! Stayed tuned for next month’s hobby to be announced February 1st…

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Tyler Riewer is the brains behind Hobby Club, he lives in New York.

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