DIY Vanilla & Coffee Bean Candle

By guest blogger Vita

Mmm.. Scented candles. Lovely, warm light and nice smell. And you don’t necessary have to buy it, it is very easy to make.

You probably have some old, not scented candles lying around in your house, so get creative!

What you will need:

~Small glasses, mason jars or tea cups, wherever you like to put your candle in

~Candle wax. You can use any old candles or you can buy candle wax chips in the shop, if you prefer

~Coffee beans

~Vanilla beans

~Candle wick

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.00.00 AM

How to DIY:

~Chop your old candles and melt the wax in a microwave

~Glue the candle wick at the bottom of the glass and hold it by the top

~Pour in a small amount of wax

~On top of that, add coffee beans and chopped vanilla beans

~Fill the rest of the glass with the wax

~You can mix everything with a small wooden stick, to distribute coffee and vanilla beans evenly

~Leave it to harden and chop the wick

That’s it! Now you have home made candle which will fill your home with amazing smell!


Originally posted on Medium