Summertime means travel time, and one of the best parts of jetting to a new locale is drinking in all the unique cultural vibes, from food and drink must-haves to landmarks, local artisans and the music scene—and let’s not forget graffiti and street art, either. Cities across the globe are becoming better known for their street level and underground art scenes, and New York is (obviously) no exception. If you’re heading to the Big Apple anytime soon, be sure to pick up these sightseeing tips from Secret NYC. And if you’re staying local this summer and looking for a creative outlet, be sure to check out all the awesome art and DIY classes on Dabble!

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Guest post by Yago Hein via Secret NYC

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Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Graffiti is beautiful; like a brick in the face of a cop.” We are not sure about the second part of the quote but… we definitely agree on the first part of it! Here are 15 amazing graffiti spots we found and why we like them:

1. 100 Gates Project – Lower East Side
100 gates project graffiti spot NYC
[DNA Info]

Why we like it: Shop shutters with some flower graffiti feels better than grey iron ones!


2. 5 Pointz – Long Island City
5 Pointz Graffiti NYC
[Deviant Art]

Why we like it: This place is amazing! And from this perspective, doesn’t it remind you of the final show of Now You See Me?


5. 190 Bowery – Lower East Side
190 Bowery Graffiti NYC

Why we like it: Graffiti artists usually look for big white walls. Well… Apparently not all of them!


6. Wall of Fame – Harlem
 Graffiti Hall of Fame NYC
[Photo Bucket]

Why we like it: I have always been a great spot for positive and colorful expression. That’s what people say…


7. North 1st Street – Brooklyn
North 1st Street NYC Graffiti
[NYC Corners]

Why we like it: Look a the vulture! That’s the same damn expression we have every morning…


8. Comme des Garçons – Chelsea
Comme des Garçons in Chelsea
[Moon PR]

Why we like it: Could have being any other graffiti spot. But the name is amazing!


9. The High Line – Chelsea
the high line graffiti nyc
[Al Was Here]

Why we like it: Your eyes can pretty much tell you why!

10. Tuff City – Bronx
tuff city graffiti nyc
[Hit Pic]

Why we like it: Once a guy tried to paint on a subway train unsuccessfully… So he borrowed half a train’s coach. Why not?


11. Wall of Fame – Bronx
bronx wall of fame graffiti nyc
[Time Out]

Why we like it: There’s so much different graffiti here. Can you spot the white van?


12. Candy Factory – Soho
Candy Factory in Soho graffiti

Why we like it: In winter it’ll look really nice with some snow all over!

13. Pearl Street Triangle – Brooklyn
Pearl Street Triangle graffiti
[MC Brooklyn]

Why we like it: Because it’s super easy to see… Well, not really… But the concept is great!


14. Williamsburg – Brooklyn
Williamsburg Graffiti NYC

Why we like it: Sooooo colorful…


15. Stillwell Avenue – Coney Island
Coney Island Graffiti NYC
[Cultural BRNY]

Why we like it:  Have you ever been to a psychedelic festival? No? Well, this is how most of the decorations look.

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