Today the world will celebrate the first International Yoga Day. To mark this momentous occasion, we found five tips to get you started down the path to spiritual enlightenment, along with some great yoga classes worth Dabbling in!

1. Dress to de-stress. With all the twisting, turning and contorting you’ll be doing, it is best to wear comfortable clothing. Stick to a T-shirt and exercise pants (despite their name, yoga pants are not required) and be sure to wear clothes that are slightly fitted. Baggy clothes may give your neighbors an unwanted view up your shorts or down your shirt.

2. Prep yo’self. Of course you’ll want to bring the requisite yoga mat and towel to wipe up sweat, but there are other ways to come to class prepared. Try and take five minutes prior to stretch and warm up your muscles, including your arms, legs and pelvis. And try to eat a light snack up to two hours before class to keep you satiated but not full. Remember, inner-peace is never achieved with a belly full of burrito.

3. Don’t be intimidated. If this is your first time, don’t feel the pressure to be as flexible as the more seasoned participants—this will only lead to insecurity (no one likes that feeling) and possible injury. Rather, take inspiration from those around you and trust in your instructor if they correct your position. And laugh if you fall out of pose. The point here is to simply enjoy yourself.  

4. Know your space. This can be an important rule as the more popular a class, the more students there are to work around. The last thing you want is to get kicked in the face by your neighbor while attempting downward facing dog. Treat your yoga mat like your own personal island and keep your movements limited to that space.

5. Let it all out. Remember, yoga is about finding release… and sometimes that includes a few toots. So try not to get thrown off your center if one makes an appearance. Besides, you’ll not be the only one (trust us).

Let’s Dabble!

Test your new found skills in one of these three awesome featured yoga classes! Or Dabble in one of our other classes in Chicago and St. Louis!

Friday Night Lights Yoga


Power up your weekend by winding down with this candlelit yoga class perfect for all experience levels. Register here.

Standup Paddleboard Yoga


This fast-growing sport is great for building body strength and balance, but don’t let it’s extreme nature fool you, everyone will master proper stance and technique in this class. Register here.

Techno Yoga


This class takes yoga and turns it on its head by incorporating black lights, glow sticks, and pulsating House and Dance music. Participants must be 18+, all experience levels welcome. Register here.