Summer in Chicago…finally! We love this season because it brings an endless array of outdoor patios, lake excursions, and festivals to enjoy, but it also gives us the perfect excuse to get outside and Dabble! With that in mind, we found five fun Chicago classes to do yourself a favor and check out this summer.

1. Golf Basics


Why We Love It: Because we love spending a sunny afternoon hitting the links with friends. This class teaches the basics needed to up your game on the green. Register here.

2. Draw the Chicago Skyline on an Etch-a-Sketch

chicago-etch-2.0Photo by Princess Etch a Sketch

Why We Love It: This class combines two of our favorite things: the Chicago skyline and toys from our childhood. Imagine how great it’d be to spend a relaxing afternoon, sitting under a tree, Etch-a-Sketching the cityscape. Register here.

3. Entrepreneur Outing: Paddleboard + Network


Why We Love It: It can be hard to get in a little summer fun when you’re stuck in the trenches of the 9-to-5 world. This outing gets participants on the water with like-minded entrepreneurs for a little shoptalk and physical activity. Register here. If you want to take your paddleboard game to the next level, this other awesome class incorporates yoga into the mix (yes, really).

4. Parkour for Women


Why We Love It: Women can unleash their inner-badass in a class that turns the city into their personal obstacle course. Learn the basics of the holistic training discipline to move quickly and efficiently through your environment using only your body and your surroundings to propel yourself. Register here.

5. The Best Architecture Walking Tour Since Sliced Bread 


Why We Love It: We often walk through downtown Chicago, yet often forget to stop, look up and admire the impressive architecture that surrounds us. This walking tour compares architecture with contemporaneous works in other media to help us learn how to identify architectural styles and to understand their deeper connections with history.  Register here.

We’re Dabbling all summer long and so should you! Check out our full list of classes and experiences in Chicago, as well as what’s happening in Denver, St. Louis, and Austin. #LetsDabble