Dabble exists so we can have a great time. It’s an added bonus that we help play a part in the growing, thriving sharing economy that is offering new energy to small business owners and craftspeople everywhere.

Dabble thrives because of you, the dabblers, who bring so much community to the classes we offer. Dabble is expanding because our teachers have provided us the winning formula for building community and learning through great experiences.

But we’re also thrilled that we cans support anyone regardless of their economic status. Dabble.co, provides a new engine for small businesses, artists, teachers and various experts to energize their business and connect with others who share an interest. Because of our thriving Dabble community, we are now revving up the sharing economy in the Bay Area of northern California and 10 other cities.

Teaching a Terrarium Workshop in Chicago

Laure Mae Noble teaching a terrarium workshop in Chicago

Read the start of a great story by Mike Green on “The Sharing Economy”:

SAN FRANCISCO — We are all familiar with Uber and AirBnB as leading billion-dollar startups of the exploding “gig” or “sharing” economy. As the country continues to feel the pinch of a “jobless” recovery from the Great Recession, more Americans are turning to alternative means of learning new skills and generating income, opening a door of opportunity for solutions that address these needs.

Green goes on to explain how Dabble fits into this new economic paradigm:

While tech-based education platforms are making it easier for consumers to learn online, we focus on moving casual education offline. Dabble capitalizes upon the organic nature of neighbors helping neighbors and expands the community of neighbors to citywide regions.

As we say in the article, Dabble’s success is you all, the Dabble community. We are at best a “supporting actor” in this thrilling community-building story, as Chief Dabbler, Jay Swoboda stated:

“We’re happy to be the best supporting actor for entrepreneurs and local small businesses and artists who want a few extra resources to do that thing they do so well.”

The best part is each city’s growth feeds the other. We’re forming connective relationships between learners and teachers in one city, with like-minded people in another city. As Dabblers travel, they can now look ahead and plan something in a new city they want to Dabble in. Over time San Francisco will offer its own unique flavor, just as already is taking place in Chicago, St. Louis, Denver and other great cities around the country.

So thank you Dabblers! You are the leading actors and actresses in our story. We couldn’t be more thrilled to take your show on the road.

For teachers looking to fuel their sharing economy business, click here to learn more about how to offer your classes to the Dabble community.