by Marette Flora, Super Dabbler
Originally posted on Floradise

I was nervous about my sushi-making class on New Year’s Eve. I had many excuses for not going: I wouldn’t know anyone there, it was a chilly day in Chicago and I was exhausted after running a half-marathon, but I didn’t let any of that stop me from attending BYOB Sushi 101 with Chef Samantha┬áthat I found on Dabble. And I am so glad I didn’t let fear stop me!
The class ($40) is normally held in an events space, but ours was in Chef Samantha’s cozy home. She had a long workspace set up with each student’s necessary tools: a rolling mat, water bowl, food ingredients, chopsticks, a container for soy sauce and more. She also gifted the class Dabble koozies and bottle openers, a nice touch.
Samantha quickly explained the basics to give us enough time to start making our rolls. We had enough rice to make three rolls each: tuna, lobster and crab (although the ingredients can vary in each class). You should also let your instructor know if you have dietary restrictions. We also could add whatever we wanted: avocado, cucumber, sprouts, etc. I was the last student to actually try to roll my sushi, because I was sure I’d mess it up. I asked Chef Samantha to show me once more, and I was able to do it! She was nice enough to cut up our sushi perfectly for us so that we don’t cut ourselves with the sharp knives, and then it was time to eat! As the class title suggests, you can bring your own beverages, and my classmates did.
The hourlong class flies by, and before you know it, you’re done. Chef Samantha supplied us with a to-go box to take home any sushi you didn’t eat. I brought some home so that Graham could try my creations.
If you’re looking to try new things in the new year, or challenge yourself to do things alone and meet new people, can help. In each class I’ve attended, students start off a little nervous and quiet, but by the end of class you’re chatting it up and offering tips on good sushi restaurants, the best Asian markets to shop at and other Dabble classes you’ve enjoyed. There’s nothing to fear!
As I have mentioned before, I am a Super Dabbler, aka an ambassador. If Dabble is in your city, you can use the link for a discount! Let me know which class you’d like to try in the comments!
Author’s note: As a Super Dabbler, I received a complimentary class from All opinions are my own. In fact, I loved before becoming an ambassador!