Hi Dabble Partners, we have been hard at work creating new features and tools so you can build your business on Dabble! We’re excited to announce we’ve improved the Dabble teacher dashboard portal. These features make it easier to manage your events and improve your business:

1. Post recurring schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Have an event that repeats every day or every other week? Tired of adding individual dates for every single one of those classes? Now you can just select the correct options from the pop-up menu and our system will create recurring schedules for your Dabble event.

Some important items to note are the following:

  • In order to avoid overwhelming Dabblers with schedule options, we limit the recurring date creation to 10 recurring daily schedules, 6 weekly schedules and 4 monthly schedules.
  • You have to use the same venue for all events. If you need to edit an individual date, you can select the option to “Edit This Event As Separate And Non-Recurring” by selecting “Edit Event” from your Partners Dashboard and selecting “Details” to update.
  • Finally, you can create recurring private schedules BUT if you want to delete them you currently have to delete one at a time from your dashboard.
  • Triple check that all the details are correct on the original date to be repeated. Otherwise you have to edit each recurring schedules individually if you need to change the time, min/max or price.

2. Create and manage your own private events.

One of the best kept secrets of Dabble is the ability to always have a net out for attracting new business leads from your teacher profile. Whether Dabble is helping you create a private event or your want to use Dabble’s technology to create and manage your own event, just select “Private” when creating a new event or when adding a new date for your event under the “Details” step on the new Event Creation Tool. Dabble will still charge a small fee for use of our payment processing, customer support, rescheduling, refunds and reviews for private events, but now you can close off registration for a class to the public if you are saving a final spot or just want to offer your event to a closed group of users.

3. Add students that registered directly to your roster to streamline class management in one location.

How many of you keep a spreadsheet or notebook for reservations you take over the phone or in-person at your store or at festivals? Having to manage multiple reservation sources can be challenging so we created a tool to allow you to use Dabble’s registration technology for free on your existing schedules when payment is taken outside of our platform. Simply select the schedule you’d like to update and select “Manage Event” from your Partners Dashboard, from there you can add as many outside registrations as your maximum class size permits.

4. Update and manage your venues from your Partner Dashboard.

A pretty basic fix, but one that was missing after our latest site update. Under your Partner Dashboard, select “Venues” and you can now edit an existing venue, create new rooms or close an inactive one.

5. Updated Event Creation Tool to easily create, manage and promote your Dabble listings.

Hey, we use this feature as much as our teachers do, so we knew it needed some attention. We did our best to streamline the process and make listing new events a breeze on the site, with less than five minutes from start to finish. Hopefully, you find the process less cumbersome and more accessible.

6. Find listings just by searching by teacher’s name.

Want to quickly share your class listings with friends or folks you meet in a Lyft? Just have them search your teacher name and there you are!

We welcome feedback on your experience as a dedicated Dabble partner—simply drop us a line at hello@dabble.co. We have more exciting updates underway, including plans to update the photo editor tool and the ability to edit a course URL even after it has been posted. Stay tuned and keep checking back on the Dabble blog for more news, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Dabble experience!