It’s a fact: Thousands of users and teachers love to Dabble in new experiences, classes, and events! But what do Chicagoans love Dabbling in most? Check out our list of the Top 5 Dabble Classes in Chicago happening right now and cross them off your to-Dabble list!

Drink Wine – Make Candles with Paired Wine Co.
Students taught: 750

This upcycling class teaches you how to make a candle using an old wine bottle! You’ll learn about the different types of candle wax, wicks, scents, and custom labeling, as well as how to make your own candle by scoring glass, splitting a wine bottle, proper sanding methods, wick placement, and wax pouring!

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Intro to Forging with Jake McNaughton
Students Taught: 741

In this class, Dabblers learn proper tool use and shop safety, as well as the principles of design and fabrication of the forged blade. Get examples of proper heat treatment, hammering, shaping of steel, grinding, sanding, handle attachment, buffing and finishing work, as well as sharpening. Plus, you’ll get some hands-on practice with the forge, hammer, and grinder

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Curling Iron Class with goldplaited
Students Taught: 739

Learn tips and tricks for curling your hair at this hands-on curling iron workshop. Feel free to bring your own iron and products or use goldplaited’s professional supplies! You’ll learn how to curl your hair with a variety of iron sizes and finishes to achieve volume, uniformity, and perfect curls!

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En Garde, Ready, Fence! with RedStar Fencing Club
Students Taught: 712

The class covers basic education in equipment, protective gear, playing field, the “en garde” stance, advance, retreat, lunge, and attack. Dabblers learn a fundamental terminology and will be ablee to execute the essential movements upon leaving the class.

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Calligraphy for Beginners with John-Michael Korpal
Students Taught: 

Whether you are looking to address invitations for that special day or send a greeting card, calligraphy will enhance the beauty and impact of all your correspondences. This class provides a bird’s eye view into the world of calligraphy, its history, and the resources for you to continue perfecting your new skill.

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