Shannon DeBord is a left-handed, coffee-addicted musician and calligrapher.  Most days you can find her rockin’ some yoga pants in my studio and listening to the George Winston Pandora station as she knocks out the day’s to-do list.  She lives in beautiful Denver, and when she’s not working you can find her outdoors- usually out on a lake somewhere (she loves water!) She loves spreading joy through music and art and is passionate about sharing that joy with others who are interested in learning.  Shannon is most happy when she is telling her clients’ stories with ink and paper, and helping to make their vision a reality.


What’s your favorite book?

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. You’ve probably never heard of it, but you should check it out! It’s great!

Favorite movie?

Singing’ In The Rain! Who doesn’t love Gene Kelly?


Favorite TV show?

Parks & Recreation

When did you realize you wanted to share your passion/skill?

Calligraphy has been a dying art for so long, but it has such an important place in history and it’s an absolutely beautiful art form. I’ve always wanted to keep the art alive, and I’m so happy that people are becoming more interested in it these days. I’m glad to be a part of spreading the passion for hand lettering!

Did you go to school for your craft or teach yourself?

I have a BA in Music, but I’ve always been interested in visual art as well. I began learning calligraphy 5 years ago, and I’ve studied with some amazingly awesome calligraphers. I believe in always continuing to learn, so I still attend classes every chance I get!

If you could choose a spirit animal what would it be?

I have no idea…maybe a llama? I’m kind of odd, but people seem to like me despite my awkwardness haha.

What makes you laugh until you cry?

The sound bison make…they stick out their tongues as they grunt and it’s just great!




How do you like to spend your weekend?

Out on a lake kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or water skiing. The lake is my happy place!

What’s your favorite city and why?

London, because if I lived there I could sneak onto the Hogwarts Express every September.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature is a never-ending inspiration for me, and I especially love John Muir’s writings. My favorite place to find inspiration is from my clients; I love listening to their stories and weaving those moments and emotions into a piece.

Are you in Denver and want to check out one of Shannon’s hand-lettering events?! Or do you know someone who might? Sign-up or share her event here.