Super Dabbler Leesa Alexander was kind enough to give us a glimpse into her Dabble experience. A class that offered not only candle making but also the art of upcycling glass containers as the vessel for the candle!

Here’s her report from her latest Dabble experience…

For my next trick, sawing this bottle in half!

We’ve all seen the internet video of cutting a bottle with string, an accelerant, and fire. If you were like me, you wondered how did they do that without burning the house down? In my mind, a controlled environment would be the best bet. Scrolling through Dabble class listings one day and up popped “Wine Bottle Cutting and Soy Candles”. I thought to myself, JACKPOT!! The premise was simple. Bring a bottle of your choosing, cut it to a size, fill it with a wick and soy to make a candle. This class was so much more!

From friendly instructors, amazing bottle selections, thorough instructions, step by step guidance and encouragement, hands-on participation, to final product personalization, you couldn’t ask for a better experience. It was even BYOB and offered a scenic cityscape photo opportunity. Each class participant was given a sound explanation of how to complete each step and the variations you would run into when attempting this project at home.

We began with selecting a glass bottle from the variety they had on the premises (if you had not brought your own). Fernando explained where to make the best cuts, depending on shape and size of your bottle selection, and how many ounces of soy we would be filling our bottles with. Next, we scored our bottles and cut them using an open flame and a vat of water. Then came sanding the edges for safe handling. Fernando took care of this step with an industrial sander to save time.

After a quick wash and dry, we were ready to move onto our next step of prepping our bottles for was and inserting the wick. We learned about the type of was we were using and the best way to melt it. Then came scent selection and they were all alcohol inspired and amazing, to say the least. We also got to choose a color for our candle. Finally, it was time to measure, mix and pour.


While we waited for our candles to cool enough to set for transport, we sipped on wine and made our way to the roof for some unexpectedly beautiful views of the city. Fernando showed us the best spots for selfies and everyone took their turn.
At the end of the class, we walked away with a beautiful and fragrant conversation piece for our homes.

Check out an upcoming DIY Soy Candles: Wine Bottle Cutting event in Chicago.